Secret Almost all successfulWildfit Quest dieters eat breakfast. If you pass on breakfast you can let yourself get too hungry by lunch time and that leads to overeating. Eating a good breakfast helps you keep your appetite under control and improves the functioning of all parts of your body. Your brain will be clearer, too, and that helps you make good decisions about food.

Secret You’ll lose weight better and faster by blowing off your diet once a week. Let’s face it, you can only be good for so long before you have a relapse. Pick a day of the week and go off your diet. Eat anything you want and get it out of your system. Next day, get right back on the diet. Having a scheduled, controlled relapse will help ease the pressure and keep you from going on a permanent relapse and forgetting the diet completely.

Secret Losing weight takes some planning. You can’t just say “Today I’m going to eat less”. You have to think ahead to what you’re going to eat for each meal so that you can get to the grocery store and stock up on the foods you need. If you don’t plan, you’ll get to meal time and realize that you don’t have the healthy foods you need on hand. That leads to the dreaded refrigerator grazing expedition. At this point, the diet has gone out the window so better luck tomorrow. Don’t let that happen to you. Have a plan ready for each day and make sure you execute the plan with time to spare. The old saying “Failing to plan means planning to fail” applies to dieting, too.

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