life and learning

Life and learning

Every person we meet in life has a good or bad lesson to teach us about themselves, or about ourselves or about the school of life, a school with  unending lessons,lessons we learn  through all experiences and every event we are exposed to.

In-fact the lessons we are exposed to are unique to our personal development hence their ultimate meaning for us must be discovered by us as we contemplate what each experience holds for us.

The level of learning we grasp is dependent on our disposition, prejudice and willingness to understand the essence of life. The ultimate aim of learning is to become better people,in other words,we learn new things so as to implement these things in our life so as to become better people or become great people. Life is one great stream of learning, this prompted the ancient wise minds to say that changes are the essence of life, everything changes some thinkers say we cannot step into the same river twice because it will change before the next time we step into it. Learning is the foundation of changes, when we learn new things,we are empowered to change into a more noble person. The ultimate aim of learning is to blossom our inner nature or blossom our potentials and capability..

We become great when our learning enables us blossom our true nature, let us remember that our nature that is not dependent on our material vanity or the expectations that society has for us. Our true greatness is a  greatness that beautifies us, ennobles and empowers us to become meaningful member of our society and the globe at large.

Sometimes the best teachers using the best methods achieves little with some kind of people while sometimes even in the absence of teachers or a good educational system, some people are able to understand themselves,overcome the challenges of life successfully and blossom their greatness.

This is where life shows her strength,life is the greatest teacher and so she brings us experiences which are meant to show us certain truth about our self, or about the path we aught to tread or the things we should be doing or the virtues we need to develop.  

 Life is dependent on your inner disposition,

Disposition to learn

Disposition to impact

Disposition to leave a heritage for mankind

Disposition to see the best in others even when they cannot see it themselves.

A great truth about life,then, is the manifold creativity we can bestow on life and existence, the inspiration we allow our inner genius to unfold,

One of the easiest points to express this is in living an exemplary lifestyle.

Many are the vista we glimpse from such height of understanding. We glimpse not as onlookers but as the creators of a brighter tomorrow.

We become the prophets of today,prophets that see into the future not by visions and intuition but prophets that create this future through selfless leadership whose impact traverse the eons.

I believe in our learning

I believe we can build a better world from our learning

I believe the posterity looks up to us for foundations to house her great building.

Cheers   eferenc&�5-��

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