LED high bays

LED High Bays: The best fixtures to improve your warehouse lighting

A warehouse is a big open space that needs bright uniform lighting for working, improving the workers’ safety and compliance, enhancing the work environment’s safety, and reducing overall energy consumption cost.
A warehouse lighting layout must comply with all such factors to enhance the general atmosphere. It’s crucial to determine the warehouse’s lighting layout as they are large spaces with high ceilings, large floor areas, and very few windows.
The first question arises about lumen requirements to light up the warehouse and which fixtures can efficiently deliver it. The most efficient and common choice is LED high bays.

High bay lights are large, powerful and very efficient light fixtures for warehouse and industrial facilities. They are engineered to distribute light widely and evenly over a large surface. LED high bays are available in linear and circular designs.

Linear high bays

Linear high bays have broad beam distribution; they are ideal for storage areas equipped with shelves extending to the ceiling. They accentuate the frames for enhanced visibility.
Linear high bays have several mounting options like surface mounted or suspended from ceilings.

Round high bays
Round high bays are also known as UFO high bay; they are circular and designed to suspend from ceilings. Some LED linear high bay light fixtures are designed for chain mounting and require a minimum suspension distance from the top. They have a circular light distribution pattern.

Determining the light layout for warehouse
The essential step is determining the area of the warehouse. With this, you can essentially choose the lumen requirement of the warehouse.
The total lumen requirement can be divided by lumen output per fixture, which can help determine the warehouse’s fixtures.
A few factors which come into play are:
Space between the floor and ceiling
Size of storage material
The ideal lumen requirement for storing large items tends to be around 10 lumens per square foot; for aisles, 20 lumens per foot is perfect. For handling of smaller items, the lumen requirement increases due to the visibility factor.
Colour temperature:
The warehouse walls’ colour determines the brightness required as light reflects off the floor and walls’ surfaces and creates a good ambience for safety and visibility. For example, white walls require less illumination, whereas darker shades require extra bright light as less light reflects it.

How led high bay lights improve the light layout of a warehouse

LED high bay lights to have wider beam angles, but their light distribution is uniform, and they do not waste light. LED high bays have better optics, and they produce focused light.
LEDs deliver narrow beam angles, which are perfect for high warehouse ceilings and shelves.
A photometric study determines the light distribution pattern, and high bays make the mediocre lighting setup go great.
LED high bays to allow modification for better compatibility, such as they are dimmable and can be integrated with motion sensors. Lighting controls allow adjustments, which help customize the light accordingly and are beneficial in the long run as they help reduce energy consumption and electricity costs.

Placement of High bay lights
The fixtures’ placement is a crucial aspect to avoid obstruction, minimize glare and avoid bright or dark spots due to miscalculated space between the fixtures.
A lighting contractor help design a layout for proper placement of the fixture with calculated spacing and height. This avoids bright spots, dark spots and glare, which disrupts the working environment.

LED high bay lights
are a beneficial investment for business owners. The initial capital invested in them is proven successful in the long run due to improved layout and safer, efficient and productive warehouse environment. High bay lights require less management and maintenance once they are installed until their warranty period expires, which in most cases is more than 12 years, which is significantly a lot of time.

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