OSRS Leagues 2 Trailblazer has been introduced in the latest official blog. Read the details below to learn rules, Relics and rewards of OSRS Trailblazer.

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Rules of Leagues 2: OSRS Trailblazer

According to the latest “Leagues II – Trailblazer” official blog, OSRS Leagues 2: Trailblazer is coming in the future. This League will be approximate two months in length. When it starts, you will start off on a separate game mode locked in OSRS Misthalin. You need to complete tasks to unlock more areas and Relics.
Tasks will span various activities, such as skilling, killing creatures, completing quests and obtaining drops. You will gain League Points by completing tasks, which can be used to unlock Relics and other rewards. Tier of the challenge will range from Easy to Master.

Details of OSRS Trailblazer Relics

Unlocked via League Points, Relics will offer XP boosts, buffs to combat prowess and more. There are three Relics to choose from when you enter Misthalin:
Relic 1: Endless Harvest. Resources gathered from Fishing, Woodcutting and Mining will be multiplied by 2.
Relic 2: Production Master. All items will be processed at once when you do some activities, such as smelting, fletching and cooking.
Relic 3: Skilling Prodigy. All non-combat skills will permanently be boosted by 10.

Rewards gained from OSRS Leagues 2

Bronze – Minimum point threshold
Iron – Top 80%
Steel – Top 60%
Mithril – Top 40%
Adamant – Top 20%
Rune – Top 5%
Dragon – Top 1%
League Points can be spent in the League Reward Store in the main game. There will be cosmetic rewards, and these rewards will be polled at a later date. In addition, players who rank among the Top 100 in the League will be awarded the Trailblazer Trophy OSRS.
You will get League-to-League Rewards when Trailblazer begins if you have participated in OSRS Twisted League.

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