Some OSRS Poll 72 changes have been made for this week according to the official update on Aug. 12, such as Dark Graceful, Saradomin Halo, snape grass and more. Read below for details. 

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OSRS Poll 72 changes: Dark Graceful & others updated on Aug 12 

With the update on Aug. 12, some Poll 72 changes have been added this week, including: 
1. Dark Graceful set becomes darker facilitating you to blend into the shadows while skittering across Gielinor’s rooftops. 
2. The colour of the Saradomin Halo is changed to match the god’s blue colour scheme. 
3. Replace the “Empty” option on the Gem Bag with an option allowing you to transfer all gems to your Inventory at once, starting with sapphires.
4. Composting snape grass gets you supercompost instead of the regular stuff. And both clean and grimy versions of the following herbs will yield supercompost: 
– Toadflax 
– Avantoe 
– Kwuarm 
– Snapdragon 
– Cadantine 
– Lantadyme 
– Dwarf Weed 
– Torstol 

Other changes revealed in this week’s game update 

Apart from those Poll 72 changes, there are also other changes made this week, such as: 
1. Remove the daily teleport limit from the Achievement Diary Cape 
2. More than one Bounty Hunter hat can be obtained without resorting to any hat-dropping shenanigans.
3. Beacon Ring can be bought from Perdu for 6,000GP after completion of “What Lies Below”.
4. Trouble Brewing overlay can’t be removed by lighting a torch.
5. Cerberus now is an acceptable sacrifice for the Elite clue scroll that calls for killing a hellhound. 

With an eye toward to OSRS Poll 72 changes and other changes this week. 

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