It has been revealed that a new novice quest A Porcine of Interest may be released later in game. Alongside this quest there may be a new Slayer Master called Spria OSRS.

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Spria OSRS proposed to be Slayer Master

According to the updated A Porcine of Interest poll blog, the develop team plans to introduce Turael’s daughter, Spria, as a new Slayer Master in Draynor Village. Spria would share the same assignment pool as Turael, and she would also play a notable role in OSRS A Porcine of Interest quest.
In the original poll blog, a new Slayer monster the Porcine Pest can be assigned by Turael after completing A Porcine of Interest quest. Some players pointed out that Turael residing in Burthorpe doesn’t make sense. Instead of relocating Turael to Draynor Village, added another NPC to Draynor may be a more viable solution. Therefore, the team proposes to add Spria OSRS to Draynor Village, and she would be a new Slayer Master for new and low-levelled players.

OSRS A Porcine of Interest & Porcine Pest

A Porcine of Interest is a new novice quest proposed to release in the future. The quest has no requirements. As what has been mentioned above, there is also a proposed Slayer monster called the Porcine Pest with the release of A Porcine of Interest quest.

Do you want Spria OSRS as a new Slayer Master?

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