New RS brooch of the gods and alchemical hydrix brooch are released with the update on Aug. 18th. Read the details below to create and use new items.

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How to make RS alchemical hydrix brooch?

Requiring level 97 Crafting, you can create RS alchemical hydrix brooch by combining the following materials:
1 alchemical hydrix
5 elder rune bars
5 gold leaf
The alchemical hydrix can be created by combining one hydrix with 50 Fortunate components, 50 Refined components, 10 Precious components and 2 Rumbling components.

Enchant into RS brooch of the gods

Enchanting an alchemical hydrix brooch with Lvl-6 Enchant can make RS brooch of the gods. The brooch of the gods is worn in the pocket slot, providing +4 prayer bonus. Portable Skill station effect are twice as likely to trigger. Skill distraction effects are enhanced. When using non-combat skills, you can occasionally receive a blessing from the gods.
The brooch of the gods RS3 can store up to 1,000 of each decorated urn (r). Urns are automatically consumed and teleported as they fill up, which will free inventory spaces and reduce the number of actions required to use urns.

Hope now you know more about RS brooch of the gods and alchemical hydrix brooch.

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