This week sees the release of some improvements to RS protean resource, portable skilling station and others. Read the details below to learn what has happened in game.

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Improvements to RS protean resource

The following improvements have been made to protean resource with the update on August 3rd:
1. With the update, protean packs, portable skilling packs and skilling dummy crates can stack in the inventory with other packs. A new “Use All” checkbox has also been added on the interface.
2. A “do not ask me again” option has been added to RS protean bar when Smithing. The option will instantly open the make-x interface for Protean Smithing.
3. Protean powerups have “Activate 1”, “Activate X” and “Activate all” options.
4. You can see how long each protean powerup can be activated for from its examine texts.
5. There are various improvements made to the messaging displayed when converting proteans.

Changes to RS portable skilling station

With the update this week, the examine text for portable stations now has the time remaining, your in-game name and the name of the last person to extend the timer. In addition, should you attempt to place a portable skilling station somewhere with one of the same kind is already nearby, a prompt will now ask if you’d like to extend the existing one instead. The team also improves the failure messaging of the station extension.

Are you satisfied with the changes to RS protean bar and others?

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