This week sees the release of some changes and improvements to OSRS LMS, Bounty Hunter and Revenant Caves. Read the details below to learn what has happened in game.

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Changes to Last Man Standing OSRS

With the update on August 6th, the following changes have been made to OSRS LMS:
-If you log out mid-combat, your opponent will be awarded the kill and all related benefits.
-You need to kill at least one player before being awarded any points.
-Each point now is worth an average of 15,000 to 20,000 GP when exchanged for items in Justine’s shop.
-A typo has been fixed in Last Man Standing.

Changes to Bounty Hunter & Revenant Caves

In addition to the improvements made to Last Man Standing, there are also some changes to OSRS Bounty Hunter and Revenant Caves with the update this week:
-Hotspots and tasks have been removed.
-You are now protected for 20 seconds after killing your target.
-Bounty Hunter worlds have been renamed to “Target world”.
-Bracelet of Ethereum damage reduction has been lowered by 25% for a total of 75% damage reduction.
-The average value of OSRS Revenant Caves drop table been reduced by around 20%.

What do you think about these changes?

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