A new totem named RS Remototem has been available with the update on July 27th. Read the details below to learn how to create and use the Remototem.

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What is RS Remototem?

The Remototem is a new totem added to the game on July 27th. The totem allows the player to activate any of their currently placed totems from the Anachronia base camp. It can only be placed in the base camp. It is created by combining the remototem top, remototem middle, and remototem base pieces. It will be consumed when purchasing the building in the manage base camp interface combined with 150,000 each of stone, wood and vine.

How to make RS Remototem?

The Remototem can be created by combining the remototem top, remototem middle, and remototem base pieces. Here is the detailed information on how to get each piece:
1. The Remototem top is found by selling animals at the Anachronia Dinosaur Farm.
2. The Remototem middle is found by mining on Anachronia.
3. The Remototem base is a reward from Desperate Measures. Desperate Measures is a quest in the Elder Gods series and the sequel to Desperate Times. Completion of the Desperate Measures quest will award the Remototem base and some other rewards.

Hope now you know more about RS Remototem.

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