Giant seaweed is an item in Old School RS. Here is our giant seaweed OSRS guide to help you learn how to obtain and use this seaweed.

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How to obtain giant seaweed OSRS?

You can obtain the giant seaweed by harvesting from a seaweed patch after planting a seaweed spore, which requires level 23 Farming. At least three giant seaweeds can be collected per patch (15–32 on average), and the amount depends on your Farming level.
Alternatively, the giant seaweed can also be obtained by killing Lobstrosities, the giant lobsters located in the southeast corner of the Underwater area of Fossil Island.

How to use giant seaweed OSRS?

If the giant seaweed is used on a fire, it will turn into 6 soda ash upon successfully cooking. There will be only one soda ash if you fail.
If the giant seaweed is used in conjunction with OSRS Superglass Make spell, it will offer 60 Crafting experience per seaweed when cast, similarly as 6 regular seaweed. The combination of 12 buckets of sand and 2 giant seaweed will yield on average 1.45 molten glass OSRS per bucket of sand. You can also cast OSRS Superglass Make spell with 3 giant seaweed and 18 buckets of sand which frequently offers more than 27 molten glass in return.

Hope now you know more about the giant seaweed OSRS.

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