Have you completed Desperate Measures? Feel difficult to defeat RS Black Stone Dragon during this quest? Don’t worry. You can learn the tips from us to kill this boss smoothly. 

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RS Black Stone Dragon in Desperate Measures quest 

While completing the current Desperate Measures, you will be required to defeat Black Stone Dragon boss at the end of the quest. Black Stone Dragon is a level 91 boss and has 180,000 health. And its attacks in the Desperate Measures quest are the same as the one encountered in the Dragonkin Laboratory. The difference is that in this quest it’s not extremely strong, but you’d better take your best combat equipment and food. 

Tips to defeat RS Black Stone Dragon 

To help you defeat RS Black Stone Dragon boss in order to complete the Desperate Measures quest, here we share some tips and strategies with all of you: 
1. Black dragonfire: dealing over 2,000 damage. Dragonfire protection is not necessary, but you can avoid this attack by moving out of the way. 
2. Flame spiral: generated at 140,000 and 100,000 health by Black Stone Dragon. It can be easily avoided since the flames only have a 1×1 AoE. 
3. Gemstone spike: a mix of both the onyx and hydrix dragons’ specials. If you don’t move out of the way, you will be taken 5000 melee damage. 

Keep your eyes peel at this guide to defeat RS Black Stone Dragon easily. 

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