This week sees the release of some in-game changes from Poll 72. Read the details below to learn changes to beacon ring OSRS, dark graceful and others.

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Beacon ring OSRS available from Perdu

The beacon ring OSRS is a ring that can be obtained from Zaff during the What Lies Below Quest. With the update on August 12th, you can now purchase the beacon ring from Perdu for 6,000GP after completing the What Lies Below Quest.
The beacon ring can be a free alternative to the Seers’ ring, but it has a much lower magic attack stat. The ring has 1 less Magic defence compared to the Lunar ring.

Other changes with update this week

Here are some other in-game changes with the update on Aug. 12th:
1. The dark graceful OSRS has been made darker.
2. The daily teleport limit of OSRS achievement diary cape has been removed.
3. The colour of the Saradomin Halo has matched the god’s blue colour scheme.
4. A new option has replaced the Empty option on the Gem Bag, which will allow you to transfer all gems to the Inventory at once.
5. Composting snape grass will now yield supercompost instead of the regular compost.

What do you think about these changes with OSRS update this week?

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