It has been revealed that adjustment may be made on the Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS. Here you could learn details of the proposed change in OSRS Poll 72.

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Proposed change in OSRS Poll 72

According to the latest official Poll 72 Game Improvements Blog, the develop team plans to make adjustment to the Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS. Currently the Amulet of Blood Fury has a 10% chance to heal for 10% of Melee damage given. In OSRS Poll 72, the team plans to improve its HP drain ability, which will give the amulet a 20% chance to heal for 30% of the damage inflicted on Melee attacks.

Basics of Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS

The amulet of blood fury is an amulet of fury enhanced with a blood shard. The blood shard OSRS can only be obtained as a rare drop from Vyrewatch Sentinels in Darkmeyer. You may also get the blood shard from pickpocketing vampyres in Darkmeyer.
The amulet of blood fury has the same stats as the amulet of fury. Once created, the amulet of blood fury has 10,000 charges, losing one every time you successfully damages your target, whether the amulet’s effect triggers or not. When it runs out of charges the blood shard will break leaving you with only the amulet of fury.

What do you think about the change to the Amulet of Blood Fury OSRS?

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