Knowing the Customs of Italian Wedding

Are you planning your wedding destination to be Italy? Then you must have to know well about the Italian wedding. Here is a complete guide that can help you know about the Italian wedding ceremonies. Go through the pointers enlisted below and get to know about the Italian wedding:

• Interactive weddings:

The wedding in the churches of Italy are quite interactive both for the bride and the groom and thus, it does not make the wedding boring.

• Prioritizing food:

Nothing can ever be more important in an Italian wedding than the food items. There are various food items, fish being the main one. But a foodie can have his or her should happy in an Italian wedding.

Fishes everywhere:

Fish is the main item around which the Italian weddings revolve. Thus, if you are planning wedding package in Italy, then you will have to keep up with the fish dishes all around. Their wedding represents happiness and smiles. Fish is one of the dishes where the favoritism of the Italians lies.

• Black is allowed:

Most of the cultures do not allow the brides of the grooms to put up black. Italian wedding is more about having fun than restraining people from any sort of color.

• Millefoglie:

Italian weddings must have cakes in the house. The cake is known as Millefoglie. This is a kind of sweet celebration that people do not avoid.

Hence, these are some of the rituals which are musts of the Italian culture. Before you plan your wedding in Italy, you must find out and enlighten yourself about some of the rituals which are unavoidable in Italy.


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