As a parent, you are very concerned that your kid should visit the best periodontist near you. If you are in Delhi and you need to find a dentist for your kid, you should know why parents in Delhi are trusting Cosmodent India- Delhi with their kid’s teeth.

What makes Cosmodent India – Delhi the perfect choice for your kid’s teeth.

We are aware that kid’s teeth are even more sensitive and are more vulnerable to dental caries and other dental conditions. We believe only a professional and experienced dentist can identify and provide the perfect solution for your kid.

At Cosmodent India- Delhi, we have a panel of specialist dentists who are trained to provide your kid the best dental clinic experience and satisfying dental solutions.

Our senior dentist Dr. Komal Nebhnani is one of the best Pediatric dentists in Delhi. She is a highly skilled and professionally gifted dental surgeon. Read more about our pediatric dentists here

What all treatments are available for kids at Cosmodent India – Delhi.

Preventive Fluorides:

Fluorides can help your tooth’s enamel to turn into a super enamel that can resist all erosive forces. It is one of the best preventive treatments available for kids. Read more about it here

Milk Tooth Filling:

The kid’s teeth can be badly infected and parents often ignore it thinking that ‘it is just the mil tooth’. Cosmodent India looks at this from a different aspect and really wants to help your kid to save those milk teeth for a better future. Read More here.

Kids Crown and root canal

To retrieve those tiny teeth affected with deep cavities that are painful for your kid, our dentists suggest pulpectomy or pulpotomy depend on its condition. We make sure your kid is comfortable and confident throughout the procedure and we make sure your kid. Read more here

Surgical treatments for kids

In some cases, kids also require surgical treatments, which is quite normal and often risk free.

At Cosmodent India – Delhi we have experienced dentists who are capable of performing surgeries of different intensity.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology for the increased rate of success of various surgical procedures for pedo patients.

Treatment for Tongue tie and Lip tie

Tongue-tie and lip-tie are seen in some kids, this basically restricts the normal functions of tongue and lip. Tongue-tie and Lip-tie usually interfere with speech, mastication(chewing), and malocclusion(misalignment of the teeth). Treatment for these two genetic disorders is done by an experienced pediatric dentist. We perform laser treatments for treating tongue-tie and/or lip tie. Read more here.

Habit breaking Appliances for kids.

Prohibiting that bad habit from a kid’s life plays a crucial role in the better future of their teeth.  Habits such as thumb sucking, lip biting, and tongue thrusting needed to be controlled and stopped. Our dentists achieve this by preparing the kid mentally and physically to adapt to the new normal. Read more here.

General Anaesthisia for Kids

Our clinic has the most important facility for conducting a surgical treatment, which is a setup for administrating general anesthesia.
In some cases, even our trained pediatric dentist won’t be able to make the kid corporative due to their very young age or perhaps a condition such as mental or physical disability. In such cases, your kid may have to get the procedure done under general sedation. Read More about sedation dentistry here

Prosthetic appliances for kids

We deliver the perfect prosthesis according to the kids’ condition. Appliances such as Habit breaking appliances, space maintainers etc. are built by giving importance to all the minute details to fit perfectly in kids’ mouth.

All kinds of treatments required for your child’s better oral health are available and are done with great care and precision at Cosmodent India. Click here to contact us for booking an appointment with our Dental Clinic in Delhi.

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