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A new system called OSRS Combat Achievements has been proposed. With the Combat Achievements, high-level players can challenge themselves with tough restrictions on boss fights.

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What is OSRS Combat Achievements?

Combat Achievements OSRS is a new system which will offer new challenges for those skilled enough to complete them. According to the latest Combat Achievements Poll Blog, Combat Achievements will be split into different tiers of tasks, increasing in difficulty as they progress. Each tier will have various tasks to complete.

6 tiers of Combat Achievements OSRS

Here you could learn 6 tiers of Combat Achievements with some of the requirements:
1. Easy
Base 60 Combat stats
50 Slayer
Dragon Slayer
2. Medium
Base 70 Combat stats
69 Slayer
Monkey Madness 2
3. Hard
Base 80 Combat stats
85 Slayer
Dragon Slayer 2
4. Elite
Base 90 Combat stats
91 Slayer
Song of the Elves
5. Master
Base 90+ Combat stats
95 Slayer
Raiding experience and an understanding of most bosses within the game
6. Grandmaster
Maxed Combat stats
All previous requirements
Experienced with all PvM activities within game

Proposed rewards for Combat Achievements

Here are some proposed rewards mentioned in the Combat Achievements poll blog:
XP Lamps
Increased Clue Scroll drop rate
Like a Boss Upgrade
New Slayer Helmet designs
Accuracy based offhand
New teleport locations
God Wars Dungeon improvements
New Dragon Hunter Crossbow designs

Hope you can get more information on Combat Achievements OSRS.

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