If You Do Not Need To Sell Them

Maybe a prayer kettle RS gold if your really paranoid but you won’t desire it, along with the remainder sharks. It’s possible to bring range potions, they speed up you quite a little, but at extra expense. Just stand back a few squares and array them, its easy as soon as you arrive, be sure you’re plagued with your antifire, you’ll understand when to repot if the dragons breath begins hitting on you (as long as your defense is equipped it will only hit 1-5 damage so don’t fret too much).

Proselyte Full/Dragon Full/Guthans Complete [only if you wont mind losing it if you die and dont mind wasting money for charging it] Abbysal Whip/D scimitar/or any single handed quickly and robust weapon. Anti-Dragon/Dragon Fire shield. Amulet of fury or the dragon rock one. Best gloves you’ll be able to get. Any ring. Rune/Dragon boot # Inventory. Lots of prayer potions. [approximately 10]. . .only if you want. [fully 5]. Elf crystal[I got this by] 3-4 sharks or better. Mystic Full/Infinity Full/Ahrims Full/Splitbark. Id say splitbark as it supplies several xtra defence. It all depends on if you dont mind losing them in case you die and your cash. The best staff[think about the aforementioned ] Antidragon/dragonfire. The remainder just like above. Inventory ought to be similar, but have room for runes for fire blast.

That is the majority of it. To start off you need to visit the 2nd greatest room you can get into and start opening the urns. When you believe you have enough time to search all the urns in another room take Runescape 3 gold action. Be certain that you receive each one the urns in the last area you can get into. This means more xp. I dislike the tombs because I’m such a very low level and might die from the mummy or the bugs.


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