Discussing of the world map, I really like what RS gold they just did in the newest update filling in the edges. There is still space for developement but eliminating those nasty lines at the edges really made them look like much more well-rounded areas that make more sense. Next step, getting rid of some of the fences (I haven’t been around Al Kharid yet but I like the appearance of the map there) and specifically the starter zone could be great, then shrinking Draynor Manor so it moves with the rest of Scale Theory would make the map better.

In fact, here is a slight variant on the discussion we had. I would like the world map to be changed slightly to make Scale Theory either near-universally applied (on the mainland) or not. Draynor Manor is the true size of a manor, although Draynor Village is a fraction of the size of a village; the Clan Camp is far too big in proportion to the size of what is a town, Falador. I’m certain there are other examples.

The only area where I think that it is logical to expand to proper scale is through quests, and therefore about the borders of the map.

Runescape has traditionally had 5 significant criticisms when mentioned out of the runescape community into the gaming community at large.

1, The graphics are awful. This was largely fixed. The images now are pretty good to get a browser match.

2, Lots of hackers and scammers. Again, mostly fixed by Jagex’s hard work making areas outside the wilderness rather idiot-proof.

3, The battle is dull. No, actually. EoC ought to make this far more fluid and lively but still permit minimal interaction should you need with the momentum ability.

4, The robots Runescape gold 2107 are everywhere. Sort of fixed… kind of.

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