I Thought It Was A Feature Not A Bug

Yeah that’s nice and clear but I thought it was a feature not a bug. I am a pretty hardcore grinder for EVE Mobile ISK games I enjoy and what not this changes the game lively 200 percent.Ya’ll can have it, I might just return to non sec and conduct encounters or stop the game. I don’t need the hassle of looking for empty systems to run T6-T7 anoms to get 10m/h or locate T4-T5 foundations for running scout anoms; while leaping to a gate concealed, manually aligning and coming another gate if there is someone there, and then jumping to the next gate at 50km just if – then leaping to the nearest planet then straight back to the safe gate since its quicker to do that in case your not in a rate frig.

. Moving to test it later with a buddy but if I can’t warp into someone can perform a 180 twist back until I get locked down I am gonna have to rethink the time that I spend the game.No phones (anchorable bubble) here. Just interdictor spheres are planed for November.There are two types. Or found from an interdictor boat which are short lived.

They prevent warp inside them, and induce people warping to them to land on the edge of their bubble.Anchorable ones suck, but found ones are good. Only usable in nullsec.There’s also significant Interdiction Cruisers in EO which, rather than launching an interdiction bubblegenerate a bubble around the boat. In addition, it can use a module script to alter the bubble into a single long range disruptor with Cheap EVE Echoes ISK boundless point, which is utilised to handle super-capitals for example Titans.


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