Cannaful Valley CBD Oil Because in October 2010 I broke up with Jake for the last time because I foound out he cheated with Joanna like I said,and he;d been ignoring me anyway…he started spreading vicious rumors that I’d cheated with Dave and was a whore,even though I never cheated and was always faithful.Later that month,on Halloween actually,I felt days later Jake’s Mom called me and asked where he was,said he’d been missing since Halloween.I had no idea and she didn’t understand because she said Jake had said he’d been going to see me,and that he’d told his friends and neighbors that,but he never came to see me.Months later I see Jake at my friend’s New Year’s Eve party and we get to talking,him still acting cold,and I ask him about Halloween and he said he doesn’t remember what happened at all,he just remembers hanging with Joanna and one of her friends,but he says he blacked out.Could he have really been going to see me?It was Halloween,did that make her feel stronger because of her being a Satanist?I don’t know.Thanks again for reading.

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