DXN Code Strike but before we get into this clip I just wanted to say that I’m here I think my cat is addicted to catnip everyone has been giving it to him every single day I just don’t think that it’s good that he has it every day so I was like let’s just kind of not give it to him anymore and I think he’s like going through withdrawals this is mill or Milo his name’s Milo but I call him mill and he’s like rarely in my videos but out he just needs to relax first thing that I’m gonna use is the Cetaphil gentle oil-free makeup remover I have actually never heard of this product I didn’t even know it existed until I saw it target it definitely looks like you need to shake it it’s funny that it says it has no oil cuz it looks like it does have oil oh it doesn’t really good job ever no makeup whoa it took all of that off Wow I’m literally about to remove all of this makeup with just one wipe I may go in with a second one just to make sure that I got everything but that’s crazy this works really really well now we’re gonna move on


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