Agrobiologicalrecords have here in the desert mostly and that the cause are obviously photosynthetic most of the energy that they need comes from the Sun and that tubes will reflect the sunlight from outside and and mind jørgen that the the lining regime that I need is a 12 hours daylight and twelve hours of night and so just to pay electricity or no electricity of those Silla tubes I understand you’ve also got some solar power as well which you use yes I have some solar panels a lot of them so during the day a lot of the energy that I use here actually comes from energy Gaia produce so we can actually say that I can think of there’s three ways in fact you’re very environmentally friendly one you’re using the solar tubes two you’re using solar power and three you’re not going into the ocean and cutting away and destroying all the corals they’re actually growing them here so it’s tough how did you think about this absolutely crazy idea of growing corals in the middle of the desert I’ve been doing it for 10 years I still think it’s crazy idea this is where I was born in raised I’ve been a way for sometimes came back as a lighting designer and I thought of how

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