How to Use VPN- a Guide to Help You

For your query, “How to Use VPN” and to solve it, it is important to know about the man network protocols – that are divided into three categories for use with VPN tunnels that are incompatible with each other and include:

PPTP – It is called as Point-to-Point Tunneling protocol – an advanced technology for the creation of VPNs that are developed jointly by Microsoft and different others like U.S. Robotics and a number of other remote access vendor companies.

IPSec – It is a set of protocols – developed by the IETF – mainly to support secure exchange of packets at the IP Layer. It provides support to transport and tunnel options.

L2TP – It is called as Layer Two Tunneling Protocol – an extension to the PPP Protocol to enable ISPs to operate Virtual Private Network.

Uses of VPN

VPN services or Virtual Private Network is used for a number of other purposes like bypassing geographic restrictions on websites or streaming audio and video, watching streaming media like Watch US Netflix in India or Hulu, protecting from snooping on Public Wi-Fi Hotspots and getting least some anonymity online by hiding your real location.

You will get a number of added benefits of using VPN services. You have to know about the protocols and uses. Going through the important reviews will surely help you in finding the right one.

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