How to Use Spirituality in Everyday Practical Situations

This resistance lies not Soul Manifestation  in our true being, which longs to flow freely in the direction of authenticity, but in our ego. The ego isn’t our true self. It’s a false self learned and adopted in childhood because the boa constrictor crushed our authentic being to the point we were no longer awake to it. Now, awakening to our essence for the first time since we became closed off to it as youngsters, it feels strange.

The pilot admits that he can’t yet see with the awakened eyes of a conscious person. Much of the time he’s more like the grownups, set in his ways now that he’s older. Instead of living in the present moment, he operates with the constricted vision of a person squeezed to death by a boa constrictor.

People often imagine it’s difficult to become conscious, present in each moment of their day. It actually isn’t difficult at all because in our true being we are never not present. And yet on another level it is difficult.

It’s difficult insofar as we have come to think of ourselves as unconscious and to believe that it’s difficult to awaken. Enlightenment seems a long way off, requiring a great deal of effort. The only thing about us that’s off track is our belief that we are off track, a belief foisted on us by the manipulation of the snake, with its crushing boa constrictor mentality.


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