McAfee antivirus is a globally known antivirus program that offers top security plans for PCs and phone devices. McAfee antivirus provides security features according to your device specifications. If you get the McAfee antivirus activation key for the Windows device then you will get all the advanced features for data and network security. McAfee helps to keep your system prevented from dangerous threats. McAfee smart scan removes all threats from your device easily. It has a robust interface where the users merely face any kind of error. But you may get McAfee issues due to some runtime errors. McAfee Certificate error is a common error on McAfee antivirus. 

This error mostly appears when you are trying to open the ePO and an unexpected certification error appears on the screen. When you click on view certificate error then a wrong certificate will be displayed. 

McAfee Unexpected Certification error occurs due to any custom change on the server.xml. When you try to update the Keystore file name. McAfee used a self-signed certification automatically for your browser authentication. Your McAfee certificate is stored in a \\Server\Keystore folder. This folder will be named as server.keystore. 

The file (server.xml) is using Orion. Server https definition with keystoreFile= “Keystore/server.keystore” and keystorepass= “snowcap”. But when you modified this information with some different file name then the server will look for other files. It may check the \server\keystore on the startup or when your browser connection is tried. This small change in the files can cause unexpected certification errors. You may also get the error when the ePO is searching for the file which is not available on the Keystore directory.

Resolving McAfee unexpected certification error

You can resolve the error by importing a default self-signed certificate on the server.keystore folder. Sometimes importing the custom certificate can also resolve your error. You can follow the steps given below for troubleshooting the error:

  1. Create a backup file for /McAfee/ePolicy Orchestrator/server/conf/server.xml
  2. Now edit the server.xml file
  3. Change the keystoreFile to keystorePass
  4. Change the keystorePass to snowcap
  5. Keystore file to keystore/server.keystore
  6. Click on the save button 
  7. Now restart your ePO services:
  8. Go to Start button
  9. Navigate to Run
  10. Type services.msc
  11. Hit the OK button
  12. Now right-click on the services
  13. Choose restart option
  14. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator x.x.x application server
  15. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator x.x.x event parser
  16. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator x.x.x server

Now close all the services window and try to run McAfee antivirus. Check whether your McAfee unexpected certification error got resolved or not. If you are still getting the same McAfee error then try McAfee reinstallation. You can get this error when the McAfee program files get deleted or corrupted. Remove McAfee antivirus from your computer. You should also remove all files related to McAfee antivirus. After removing all the files, download and install McAfee antivirus from the internet. After installing McAfee antivirus, check whether your McAfee unexpected certification error gets troubleshot or not.

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