The outlook is a famous emailing service with millions of active users. MS Outlook error 0x80040900 can appear due to various reasons. Whenever you get any kind of error with Outlook then check the internet connection. You can get into this error due to various reasons. 

Troubleshooting Outlook Send Receive Error 0x80040900:

Check the connection 

If you are getting the Outlook send/receive then check your internet connection immediately. If you are using a wireless connection then check for the router immediately. Place your PC near to your router and then try to send or receive the email. If your Outlook is still showing error then connect your PC with the LAN cable. Go to your Outlook and try to send an email. If you are still getting the same error then ask for technical help.

You are using a shared network

Sometimes Outlook blocks the incoming and outgoing of the emails due to the shared network. If you are using a shared network then connect the device to a private network and then check for the error. Sometimes, your email directly moved to the spam folder. Whenever you are expecting an email then check the spam folder of your device. 

Run a malware scan

Malware like spyware, worms, Trojan Horses, keyloggers, etc can also interrupt the sending and receiving process of Outlook mail. When you get the receiving error on your email then run a full system scan. You must have a good antivirus program on your device which can flush out all the malware from your device. Close the error wizard and all the running programs. Open the dashboard of your antivirus and click on full scan. Full system scan will take some time. Wait until the scanning process completes. Now restart your device and open Outlook. If the set of folders cannot be opened Outlook 2016 then ask for help.

Disable your firewall

Your firewall can also interrupt your Outlook service. If a firewall inspects any kind of suspicious content on the email then it will block the network. The firewall may also block your network when you are using an unsecured internet network connection. Connect the device to a private network and then check for the error.

Check the email settings

Emailing error can appear due to error on the email client settings. Make sure you are using the correct server ports. If you get the sending error then check the recipient’s address. Sometimes users get confused with i/e, r/s, 1/l, etc and get into email sending errors. Check all the settings of your Outlook and then try to send an email. Follow the given steps for fixing the Outlook mail settings:

  1. Close all programs
  2. Open the Outlook application
  3. Click on File option
  4. Go to Account Settings
  5. On the Account settings, go to the Email tab
  6. Now double-click on your email account for viewing the settings
  7. Inspect the incoming and outgoing mail server
  8. Select the More settings option

Go to the Internet email settings dialog box and check the outgoing server. Your SMTP server box must be checked. Now go to the Advanced tab and check the outgoing server. Now restart your device and relaunch Outlook. 

Check for lower server timeout

Outlook has 1 min timeout by default. If your internet connection is weak then you will get the error due to server timeout. Sometimes this error can appear when you are sending a large attachment on your mail. The loading time of big attachments is more which can create the error. Try sending a simple Outlook mail. If you are still unable to fix the Outlook error then ask for technical help.

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