How to prepare for board examinations?

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The board examinations that we have in the class 10th and 12th be it of any board are highly important for us in the future and are accountable a lot in our career streams as well. so, it is important that you make all the efforts and attempts that you can to make the result of your board examinations better and efficient as well. there are a lot of ways in which students try to make their examinations’ results get better. so, to achievehigher marks in board examinations and prepare yourself well, here some things that you can do for yourself.

Start preparing for exams in advance. Make sure and try that you revise your lessons daily and work on them everyday so that at the last moment you don’t get all stressed out and over burdened with work as well. now, all you have to do is maintain a decorum of studying each day so that you can maintain record of all the things in your mind from the first day and don’t miss out on stuff. This also helps you in revising what was taught in class and you don’t forget that easily. 

You can also borrow cbse class 10 maths model paper  from your seniors of previous years and practice them. You can also get cbse class 10 maths model paper in the market very easily and practice them to make sure that you understand the format in which you will get the paper. Also, if you want you can practice with some cbse class 10 maths worksheets also. These cbse class 10 maths worksheets are also quite helpful in practicing time management for yourself. You get only 3 hours in the examination so it is important that you manage to complete all the questions in time of the three hours. 

Try and attempt the topics for sure which have repeatedly come in last year question papers. So, prepare for all the question papers’ practice. You can also adopt some tricks to take hints for learning long answers. Prepare them from the very beginning. Also, one of the ways to do so is by breaking the answers into small paras which helps them easy to learn. Try and get regular breaks as well. it is important that you do something productive in the breaks as well so that you can make the most of your breaks as well. don’t indulge in doing anything that stresses your eyes and makes you even more tired too. 

Eat a healthy diet which makes you feel more energetic and alive. Try and get some food which is healthy for your brain as well as enhances your stamina too. That kind of diet helps during the exams for you. Make sure that you get proper rest so that you don’t feel tired when you are doing your exam and are at your best energetic level when you are writing the examination. Other than that, good luck with your boards!


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