How to perfect your game app launch strategy

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There’s no denying how difficult it is to develop a game. However, do you know what’s even more challenging? To effectively launch a mobile game app.
That can only be done if you have devised a game app launch strategy.
We have put together a comprehensive guide on perfecting your game app launch strategy in five simple steps.
So, let’s get right down to it!

  1. Set A Deadline For Launch
    A deadline will provide you a goal to achieve within a specified timeframe. It will stop you from procrastination and encourage you to hustle and work on the pre-launch activities.
    In other words, you will pull your socks up to deliver your best efforts to get the job done.
    However, it goes without saying, the deadline you set for the game should be achievable within time or should be SMART. That means it should be.

S. Specific
M. Measurable
A. Achievable
R. Realistic
T. Time-bound

If you haven’t established your launch date based on this project management criteria; otherwise, you will have no other choice but to postpone it. As a result, it will hurt your overall mobile game launch strategy.

2. Research, Research, Research!
Without doing proper research, your mobile will be destined to fail. That’s why you need to conduct research to effectively launch your game.
You need to focus on the following aspects.
Research On Your Target Audience
The secret to the success of any game launch is how deeply you understand your target audience.
For that reason, you need to conduct thorough research and clearly specify why, where, how, and who you want to target. We know that it isn’t easy, but it’s a crucial part of the game launch strategy.

In fact, knowing how your game stands out from the rest and how it can appeal to your target audience is the most decisive factor for your game’s success.
Research On Your Competitors
Speaking of standing out, you know there are other games already in the market.
You may already know your competitors, but you need to offer your unique selling propositions (USPs) and bring awareness to your target audience to gain traction.
But how would you do that? By utilizing ad intelligence.
Ad intelligence helps in tracking your competitors’ ad campaigns and their spending. It further offers a ton of data for you to utilize to gain a competitive edge on your ad campaigns.

3. Create A Solid Digital Presence
Building a strong digital presence is critical to promote your game, especially in the pre-launch stage.
This is because it helps in creating buzz and attracting people’s interest in your game. That will result in a lot of people buying and downloading your game.
To get started to have a strong digital presence, you need to work on the following:
Develop An Official Website For The Mobile Game App
The online presence of your game starts with the development of your website. With the help of search engine optimization along with running ad campaigns, you’d be able to gain traction, increase your website traffic, and bring more awareness to your game.
The best way to leverage your website’s landing page is to incorporate visually appealing web copy, the announcement of release date, call-to-action for newsletters, and download link (post-launch of the game).
Be Active On Social Media Platforms
If you want to create a buzz about your game, you have to be where your audience is most active.
With millions of active users daily on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it provides a wondrous opportunity to interact with them.
Your product demo video production needs to be smooth and quality oriented, you can share the game trailers prior to the launch of your game and you can offer a discount promo to your audience.
Interact On Gaming Communities
The gaming communities are also a splendid platform for you to interact with gaming enthusiasts. There are many gaming communities, such as IGN, GameFAQs, Reddit, and Twitch, where you can easily connect with them.
Be wary of direct marketing or promotion of your game; otherwise, the members of all these communities may block or put restrictions on your posts.
Generate Leads Via Email
Email lead generation is one of the useful tools to engage with your audience.
According to Campaign Monitor, every dollar spent on email marketing will yield $44 in revenue.
Therefore, leveraging email marketing is essential to reach your potential players. Create compelling CTAs to specify your audience to either subscribe to a weekly newsletter or pre-order the mobile game.

4. Develop A Soft Launch Strategy
When you have developed the mobile game, it’s now time to soft launch the game.
In the soft launch, you pre-release the game to a specified audience to get relevant feedback. You also analyze different marketing strategies and monetization methods and game design. Then make relevant changes based on the outcomes of the tests.
A soft launch strategy is a brilliant way to avoid spending a lot of money on ad campaigns and launching activities.

Work On The Relevant Changes Before The Hard Launch
When you conduct a soft launch, you will get plenty of feedback from industry experts and gaming enthusiasts. You make updates and relevant changes on your mobile game app based on the feedback.
Once you’re done with all the game’s glitches and issues, it’s now time for the hard launch.
5. Hard Launch: Release The Game Worldwide
The hard launch of the game is made when you’ve followed through all the previous steps correctly.
It’s the decisive moment where you officially launch your mobile game across the globe.
To make your hard launch successful, you need to work on the following:
Make It Official On All Digital Channels
Now’s a good time as any to make your digital presence to good use and let the world know about your mobile game’s release.
Utilize all the digital channels, including your website, social media, and emails. Never forget to run your ad campaign to reach a wider audience.
You have to make heavy investments when it comes to the hard launch of your mobile game. In that way, you will be able to reap all the benefits of your game in the long run.
Prepare Media Kits For Reviewers
Media kits are promotional materials containing all the details of your mobile game. They are sent to the reviewers and bloggers to give them a general idea of the game.
A media kit usually include
Game release date
Mobile game trailer
Social media
Screenshots and other images,
Compatible platforms
Contact details

Asking for free reviews from a blogger isn’t an easy feat, especially if it’s your first time. However, if you make a compelling pitch, you’d definitely get their attention. The key is to reach out to maximum bloggers and reviewers as possible to get satisfactory results.
Perfecting a launch strategy for your mobile game needs a lot of research on your target audience.
In that way, you will better able to reach out to them, utilizing various online platforms.
Always remember to have insights from gaming enthusiasts to make your game better in soft launch.
Once you’ve resolved all the issues, hard launch the game globally with a bang!

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