If you are a pet owner, you are undoubtedly a pet lover. And if you’re a pet lover, you will inevitably want to keep your pets safe. You may always see that they’re well groomed, well fed and up to date with veterinarian checkups, but there are other ways of making sure your pet comes to no harm.

Now with various pet fences available, dog and cat owners everywhere have the option to create their pet’s own play area. This area is specifically determined by you and professionally laid out by DogSafe. Pet containment systems have increased in popularity in recent years and are now the top choice for pet owners to ensure their pets safety.

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Experts in the area of dog training will agree that using a method such as wired pet fencing to stop your dog running away is a very effective tool for boundary training. Underground dog fences are a great option if you want to keep your yard free from the maintenance of a conventional fence. And if you don’t like the idea of mowing, and the extra work of trimming near a conventional fence, then another fencing option for you and your pet may be an underground dog fence.

The wire is designed to circle your house, and needs to make a complete loop so that both ends of the wire connect back to the transmitter. For most homes this means finding the best path around your yard, and usually as close to the property line as possible. As part of this layout you may choose to keep your pet out of the garden beds as well. One option for that is to also add your pet fence wiring to the garden so that the same correction that keeps your pet in the yard, will keep him out of the flowers!

Also, if you live next to a large wooded area or have two or three sides of your yard already fenced there are other fencing options for you. Many of our dealers use a strategy called the “banana loop” for enclosing part of a yard. This works great if only partial containment is necessary. This option allows flexibility to prevent your pet from going into the street, while at the same time not limiting the access to a wooded area behind the house (as one example).

This means your dog will stay inside the area surrounded by the wire and not go beyond it. All the while giving access to another zone. Having a professional out to your home to help access your situation is always the best way to determine how to best solve your pet fencing needs. It’s the professional lay out, installation and training that can make a difference in the success that you and your pet experience with your pet fencing.

Another option for pet fencing are the wireless systems. These systems have some valid use in the home, as “room transmitters”. But the exterior wireless systems are fairly limited in their use. It’s only possible to set up a radius for the signal field, and that limits the area that can be established to a circle. I don’t know too many people with a circular yard! And if there’s too much slope to the terrain a situation may be created where the dog can actually get out under the signal field! That’s why it’s almost always better to use a wired pet fence system for the exterior portion of your installation.

It may take some training but exploring the pet fencing option instead of conventional fencing means that you may save money, and the life of your pet. Too many customers start with conventional fencing only find that their dog has learned how to dig under or jump (and some even climb) over! Keep your dog safe at home and away from any harm with electronic pet fencing.

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