Antivirus is a basic requirement for every computer. Along with your system software; you should install a reliable antivirus on your device which can prevent all the bad malware and dangerous threats from the device. When you get a new device; you must install a good security program on the device. If you don’t have antivirus then you must get it before your device gets into malware infection. 

Device compatibility

You are only installing compatible programs on your device. You must check all the specifications of your device and search for the antivirus program compatible with your device. Check the OS, processor, RAM, free disk space of your device and then 

The resource requirement of the antivirus. Your antivirus can’t work or install if your device is not compatible with it. Check the system specifications and antivirus requirements and then install the antivirus program.

Premium or Free antivirus

Antivirus provides both premium and free plans. You can choose the antivirus according to your budget and requirements. If you don’t want to spend the money on purchasing antivirus then you can go for a free antivirus plan. Free plans provide the basic security features like device scan and cleanup tool. But if you want better security tools for your device then you must install a good and reliable that how to cancel avg antivirus on your device. There are various choices in premium plans. Check all the plans for their features and compatibility. Then get a plan which provides all the necessary security tools. 

Malware protection

The basic job of every antivirus is to provide good malware protection. You should check the AV-Test of the antivirus. Always purchase antivirus which has excellent malware detection and removal rate. Install antivirus which can secure your device from viruses, spyware, Trojan Horses, adware, worms, and all other types of malware. Many antiviruses also provide runtime scans where the antivirus scans every file you access on the runtime. If the antivirus detects any file malicious then it will send the file to quarantine. 

Regular Updates

New threats appear everyday. An antivirus company provides updates to make your interface strong. You should go for the antivirus which provides a quick and regular update. Choose the antivirus which provides automatic updates as the user often forgets to update the antivirus manually. An automatic update feature updates your antivirus immediately whenever a new update arrives. You should also renew your antivirus plan regularly. If you don’t want to keep your device vulnerable to malware and internet threats then you should go for Avast renewal and keep your device fully protected. 

Browser protection

The Internet is home to various threats. Using the internet without any precaution can be very harmful. You should get an antivirus that can protect your data and network from the online threats. The browser protection tool checks your every search result and determines which sites are safe to access and which are suspicious. Browser protection tools make your searches easy and secure. 

Personal Firewall

A personal firewall will create an additional protection layer on your network. The firewall checks all the incoming traffic on your network before loading in on your device. If the firewall detects any malicious data packets then the firewall will block it and keep your device free from online threats.

Device optimization tool

Along with good malware protection, search for the antivirus which can provide good device optimization tools. Many antiviruses provide the RAM boost up tool which clears all the  programs running on your background and boosts the RAM so you can work on your device with good speed. The cleanup tool removes all the junk files from the device and keeps your device clean and junk-free. 

Along with the all necessary tools, get antivirus which provides advanced tools like password manager, parental control, email protection, VPN, etc.

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