The erudite quantum physicist, Cosmic Spirit Animal Review David Bohm says that unless we understand that both the explicate orders (3D reality) and implicate orders (2D or source reality) are one and the same, then the primary and unifying “physical laws cannot be discovered by a science that attempts to break the world into its parts.” All the mystical or unknown phenomena that many modern scientists automatically dismiss must be considered to be — at the very least — a probable glimpse of this hidden, spiritual dimension.

Our current understanding of separation begins to dissolve when we contemplate the significance of the holographic principle. All of our conflicts, disputes, and wars seem absurd. The true reality is oneness. It is from whence we have all come and are all destined to return.

Personal Life Coach, Jason Lincoln Jeffers is dedicated to teaching Spiritual Enlightenment to the world. His Personal Life Coaching practice uniquely combines spiritual wisdom with ego transcendence, holistic wellness, life path astrology, shadow & pain-body work, heart-brain intention, the power of presence, and the law of attraction.

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