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Pets are adorable, but let’s face the harsh reality, and that is with pets in your home, it is difficult for the carpets to stay in good condition. With them around, things can quickly turn into the stinky territory. When you are adopting a new pet, then you need to prepare your mind to encounter odiferous accidents and pet odours. Training them takes time. With all such hassles going on, you need to carpet cleaning Windsor to remove pet odours from your carpets. They do it much more efficiently and thoroughly as compare to doing yourself or using DIY methods.

Can You Clean The Carpet On Your Own?

You can use DIY methods to remove the pet odours on your own. However, in reality, you are wasting all your efforts because you are just tackling the surface of the carpet flooring. If you want to really get rid of the pet urine and odour and other related smells, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean the carpet.

Pet stains are such that they need to be treated as soon as possible you spot them. Showing dilly-dallying will make it difficult to get rid of them. The mixture of baking soda and vinegar are the best ways to treat your carpet on the surface level before you call in the professional to help with it. This quick remedy only tackles the surface stains, make your home smell better, cleaner and get rid of the worst of the pet odours. However, after a few hours expect to smell the odours again as they resurface from deep within the carpet fibres. So, you also need o schedule the carpet cleaning as soon as possible. Information on pricing is available here

How does Professional Carpet Cleaning help to Get Rid Of the Pet Odors?

When a professional cleaner visits your home to clean your carpet in Windsor, they will not only assess the stains but also ask some relevant questions. They need to evaluate the carpet and as well as the subfloor to come with the proper solution. The questions are:

1. How long the stain has been there?

2. Is your pet still lives in the house?

3. What is the fabric of the carpet?

With these questions, they will be able to evaluate the condition of the stain and identify the method to clean your carpets.

Why Carpet Cleaning is a Better Option? 

Your cleaner, when visiting your home, will first treat the foul pet odours with a neutraliser on the surface. After this, they begin the deep cleaning process. This helps in extracting the contaminants and get rid of the pet odour from its main source.

Moreover, if your carpet has pet urine stains, then the best solution to that is to remove and replace the carpet padding underneath completely. The main reason to do this is that the urine crystals are the main source of most odours. They can easily penetrate deep into the pad and subflooring, which makes it extremely difficult to completely remove the stains and smell. Usually, cleaner resort to this process when the case is severe.

Whether you need professional carpet cleaning or do you have to replace the carpet, they will work closely with you to determine the best plan possible for your individual situation and space. Although severe cases may require you to replace your entire carpet, most carpet cleaners can efficiently remove deep stains.  So, to keep your home free from pet odours, clean and healthy means that you need to keep up with your carpet cleaning. Many professional cleaners are happy to work with you to develop a cleaning schedule. They also provide a prompt response for pet stain emergencies as well. When you are faced with such situations, you need to contact them as soon as possible. They will be at your doorstep in no time and begin their cleaning job. In case you are not satisfied with their process, they will redo it for free until you are fully content with their service.

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