A high pressure compressor in pakistan is industrial equipment, the operation of which provides the process of compressing or discharging air. The compressor can compress and pump not only air but also various gases.

Due to its versatile functions, the high pressure compressor is used in various industries. It is not replaceable at petrol stations, metallurgical industry, and machine building. In everyday life, such a serious device is rarely used.

There are also household types of high pressure compressors. They serve in auto repair shops for painting cars and inflating car tires and other household needs.

Characteristics for the selection of high pressure compressor in pakistan
In order to choose a quality and suitable high pressure compressor for you, you do not need to know much about it. The most important characteristics are as follows:

Maximum pressure indicator. This is a kind of resource for which the operating potential of the device is designed;
The volume of consumed air. We recommend adding 25% to this value;
Cylinder volume – working part of any compressor;
Maximum power consumption.
Our company offers to buy a high pressure compressor. Our assortment will allow you to choose any compressor that meets all your characteristics.

Compressor unit components and control operations
The compressor block for gas compression for car filling stations is designed to be installed both inside GASVECTOR modules and in technical rooms. It can work in conjunction with an electric motor with a maximum power of up to 400 kW with a flow rate exceeding 8.000 cm3 / h.

The design capabilities of the DA300 high pressure gas compressor make it ideal for the following applications: on-road petrol stations, passenger vehicle fleets, or biomass gas processing. Refer to compressor manual for details

Extremely compact and versatile, it adapts to all inlet pressures.

Easy maintenance, guaranteed low oil consumption, low starting current and low compression costs.

The compressor unit of high pressure compressor in pakistan is designed to provide adequate performance and ensures the safety of people, products, and the environment while analyzing all critical aspects throughout the entire life cycle from installation to disposal.

The main design features of a compressor for filling a car with natural gas:

High efficiency
Minimum vibration
Non-lubricated cylinders
Low oil consumption
Fully automatic operation
Outlet pressure up to 350 bar, depending on installed cylinders
Minimum maintenance costs
Designed for a wide range of pressures o Low noise level o Interchangeable piston-sleeve module
Suitable for any type of application: LNG, Biogas, process gas, industrial gases, etc.
Designed to run 365 days a year
The compressor block is a fully assembled block that includes process piping, lubrication, cooling, and pneumatic systems, equipped with a flexible coupling electric motor.

Compressor equipped with a forced lubrication system, supplied with oil either from the compressor drive or electric drive through a gear train. Installed filter cartridge and pressure regulator

A complete set of already installed instruments (control of pressure and temperature of oil, coolant, intermediate gas pressure, pneumatic line pressure)

All instruments are electrically connected to the corresponding terminal boxes of the compressor block for quick electrical connection to the main control panel (optional)

Compressor start either via purge (optional) or unloader valves, or a combination of both

high pressure compressor in pakistan is powerful units, depending on their design and performance, suitable for pumping air or other gases into cylinders, as well as for performing complex tasks in industry, oil production, or servicing ships in the fleet. Low capacity compressors are used to compress and supply breathing air. The most powerful high-pressure compressors can be used in various chemical industries, for the compression of toxic and explosive gases (argon, ethylene, chlorine, helium, methane, nitrogen, xenon), at nuclear power plants, and in the extraction of natural gas. The latter can be considered true small factories requiring high precision settings and a special foundation.

High-pressure compressors are also used for ship repairs, heave compensation, engine starting, plastic bottle and canning, hydraulic accumulator charging, test benches, and tire vulcanization workshops. High pressure compressors can be equipped with both gasoline and electric motors.

Varieties of compressors

According to the principle of operation and design features, compressors can be divided into reciprocating, diaphragm, rotary, centrifugal, jet, and axial. High pressure compressors are most often of the first two types. A piston compressor consists of a piston and a working cylinder, has a suction and discharge valves, usually located in the cylinder head.

The principle of operation of a reciprocating compressor is based on pressure drops caused by piston movements, mechanical compression of air and its pushing by the piston from the compression chamber further, for example, into an air collector or pneumatic line.

The simple and straightforward mechanism of high pressure compressor in pakistan has been repeatedly improved and optimized for a wide variety of operations: today you can find single and multi-cylinder compressors, with vertical, horizontal, V- or W-shaped or other cylinder arrangements. Multi-stage air compression keeps the temperature of the compressed gas at the desired level and avoids the risk of ignition of oil sludge.

The high pressure diaphragm compressor is distinguished by the ability to completely isolate the compressed gas from the working liquid used for cooling, thereby ensuring its high quality. Another advantage of membrane compressors is a wider range of gas inlet pressures, simplicity, and reliability of the mechanism. The diaphragm block acts as a cylinder in a reciprocating compressor, in case of a diaphragm rupture, automatic protection is provided. Despite the increased noise level, high pressure compressor in pakistan is suitable for production and scientific research where strict requirements are imposed on the purity of the pumped gas and the tightness of the equipment.

If you compare equipment in terms of purchase and maintenance costs, diaphragm compressors will cost you more, but, on the other hand, they operate almost silently. When purchasing an oil-lubricated compressor, take into account the additional costs associated with operating and maintaining the oil separation system necessary to avoid the introduction of grease particles into the air.

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