Hello can someone clarify what this is

I doubt there is anything that they can”include”. Let’s face it, it is July and the game releases following month. The Madden nfl 21 coins game is finished and probably has been for weeks since they regurgitate the exact same shit again and again. Petition to possess”EA sports, it’s in the game” transformed to”EA sports, it’s the exact same game” I will put my money on this guy getting fired before the launch and we never hear or see anything about mending franchise. Just little patch function will be added at this time. Its needs a entire rip down and rebuild and its too late for that at Madden21 and EA understands that. EA has seen our out cry and got afraid of all of the money that they could lose on franchise fans not buying the game this season in order that they set this guy up to calm down us knowing nothing major will come of this and he will be the fall guy, not EA as a whole.

If the franchise community was critically important we would not get 8 bullet points about bug fixes, obscure talk of X-Factors and telling us that the 2020 Playoff structure proved to be a fucking characteristic. Make adjustments and I still won’t buy your recycled crap. Someone else can spend $2000 on your own dumb sim license. I will buy 2K’s”non-sim” 10 days just to spite you clowns, EA. They have been making empty claims for years. It is much too late in the dev cycle for them to do anything regarding franchise mode for Cheap Mut 21 coins. The best we could hope for is advancements to Madden 22. Did you read the report? It merely spoke about changes that were made to franchise style for last calendar year, which the changes mentioned really did occur. They just weren’t significant.


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