Wear A Blouse


Your fashion sense allows you to transform ordinary garments into new trends. According to Handy, the right combination of a blouse or wearing it differently allows you to transform your look and lets you wow everyone when you step out of the house. Here are some of the stylish ways to wear a blouse:

The Ways

1. Rock that baby pink – Millennial pink or baby pink is the color that’s on an upward trend this season. Wear a blouse of the same color and match it up with your favorite maxi shirt. A nice pair of cigarette pants would also go well with it. Choose a flowy blouse with loose sleeves and tight cuffs to accentuate the look even further.

2. Get a bit fuzzy

A feathery blouse with beautiful fuzz hanging out from the upper portion looks amazing and suits your summer look. The feathery blouse gets plenty of attention from Prada almost every year on its Spring-Summer runway and should be at the top of your bucket list if it isn’t in your wardrobe. Keep a lookout for this unusual and quirky piece at the high street shops and you may find yourself a good bargain. Avoid solid colors and try to stick to a gradient that goes well with your denim shorts and a cute hat for a refreshing summer look.

3. Wraparound blouse

Wear a wraparound blouse with a shoulder exposed to make a bold statement on the street, at the club, or anywhere else. It’s better to say too much that being silent, and this wear helps you to encapsulate that statement. The good thing about this look is that you can buy a new pair of wraparound blouses or use a regular long blouse to wrap it around your shoulder.

4. Pale yet lively

Pastels can steal the show during any season every year. Your wardrobe must have a few and you can also find some new ones without breaking the bank. Wear pale bright colors that make your presence known with a subtle hint of liveliness. Pale blue, pink, rose, yellow, teal and a bunch of other colors can make for cute blouses in your collection. Even better if you can pick up something with adorable details like flared arms or button-down. You can also DIY yourself if you can’t find yourself a good piece.

5. Crop it out

When you visit a tropical country on vacation or go out on dates with your girls during the summer season, a cropped blouse makes both functional and fashion sense. It helps to beat the heat and makes you ooze with chicness. It can make you the showstopper when you combine that with a wide and breathable dual-colored hat along with bright trousers and a belt made from vegan leather. 


Handy suggests that you experiment with different types of blouses and wear them in unique ways to keep a fresh look this season. Don’t be afraid of trying out something new like spaghetti straps even if they seem weird in your head.

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