Guide for RS Greater Demon with RSorder $18 Off Cheap RS Gold

RS Greater Demon is demonic beings that can be found in many locations. Below we provide the locations to help you find them easily. And you can also learn some strategies to kill them smoothly.   

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RS Greater Demon locations revealed 

Greater Demons locate in many areas in game, such as: 
Kuradal’s dungeon
Ogre Enclave
Brimhaven dungeon
Entrana dungeon
Forinthry dungeon
Lava Maze dungeon
Wilderness Volcano
Demonic Ruins

How to defeat RS Greater Demon? 

Greater Demons are more powerful than lesser demons. But like all demons, they are weak to Silverlight and holy water. Here we will share the tactics regarding of killing them in Kuradal’s dungeon, Ogre Enclave, Entrana dungeon and Brimhaven dungeon. 
1. Kuradal’s dungeon
If Greater Demons are assigned by Kuradal, Morvran or Laniakea, you will need to defeat them in this dungeon. We first encourage you to use Ranged to kill them, because they are weak to bolts. You can also use darklight to kill Greater Demons. And we suggest that you can wear a Slayer helm and ferocious ring to maximize damage. If you use melee, you’d better use a rapier. 
2. Ogre Enclave 
You can choose to range, mage or melee Greater Demons with a halberd. And you can matched with an air staff that is helpful for casting wind rush in order to make the Greater Demons approach into the range of the halberd. 
3. Brimhaven dungeon
You can use your best crossbows and ranged armor to deal with Greater Demons magical attacks. You may need a super defence potion if you don’t have Guthan’s armor. 
4. Entrana dungeon    
We list the suggested items useful in this dungeon: 
Ranged: bowstring or crossbow string, unstrung version of the best bow or crossbow, dragon leather or regular leather, your own thread, a needle, Zamorak’s unholy book or Armadyl’s book of law, any amulet. 
Magic: runes, dramen staff, anything boosting magic attack on Entrana.
Melee (not recommended): amulet of strength, combat bracelet, a silver sickle, plenty of bones to bananas or bones to peaches tablets/runes, over 70 defence. 

Defeat RS Greater Demon with the guide above.

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