Growing Your Account On Instagram: Busting Some Myths

Growing Your Account On Instagram: Busting Some Myths

Looking at the growth of Instagram over the years got us wondering that there might be a fair share of myths about Instagram. Thus, we will be revealing all the myths and the realities associated with it so that you can take an informed decision about how to scale up your Instagram account

Shadow Ban of Instagram Business Profiles

We are not completely sure of how this word originated but from the record, there is no shadow banning of Instagram Business Profiles. So shadowbanning is caused when you keep using the same hashtags repeatedly or if you like too many posts, you are shadowbanned. 

This is definitely an outrageous one because when Instagram was asked about it, it simply stated the fact that it does not have people’s content for posting too many similar hashtags or if they keep liking a lot of accounts. 

You Need To Post On Instagram At Least Once A Day

This is not necessarily. Instagram advises you post frequently and consistently. This does not mean that you will only grow when you post once a day. 

It is not necessary for you to post updated daily unless you have told yourself in the public so here goes the second one. What you need is to be consistent with your posts and that will fetch you traffic. Your audience should not lose their interest in your Profile due to a long delay in your posts.

 Instagram can steal your photos and use them whenever they like

Well, there was a post about this that went viral as everyone was sharing about it. It said that Instagram was stealing the photos of the users, they could use those pictures, however, and whenever they like. Here is the deal: When you have signed up for Instagram, in the terms and conditions, it is written that you are consenting to collect all your content. 

Thus, the information here is mainly useful about how to make the app better, improve ad quality, improve Instagram’s algorithm, etc. These hoax messages that go viral in some time do not really help you to revoke the permissions which you have already agreed to. 

Buying Instagram Followers Is Bad For Your Account

When people go for cheap and risk-free investment, they are purchasing from third-party apps that claim to fetch their followers every day. They always claim they will deliver real followers who will be paid a share of revenue to engage with the accounts. These followers will not help you anywhere. However, here is the truth, buying Instagram followers the right way was never the violation of Instagram’s guidelines. 

Since you have not tried authentic sellers like Sapiyo, the experience might have been bad. With Sapiyo, you can stand out in the crows and build your account well. Simply put, IG is a place where you have to attract the users so that you can accelerate whatever social media engagement you wanted for your account. 

Now, how about buy real Instagram followers who were acquired by legitimate tactics by Sapiyo? Buying Instagram followers means you are increasing your chance of getting exposure in social media. What Instagram cannot really tolerate is fake follower bots that gravely violate the guidelines of the community. 

You have to respond to all the comments you receive in less than a day

This is outrightly ridiculous. It does not matter whether you comment in an hour’s time or a day’s time or two days’ time. The performance would not change. All you need to do is to actively respond to the comments and engage with them so that it can be a positive thing. It may help you to build some connection with the followers so all you have to do is to respond to the comments as actively as possible. It can take 2-3 days of time but that is fine. 

Instagram Will Penalize Your Posts If You Use the Same Hashtags Repeatedly

The myth conveys the fact that spamming can help you land in trouble. Well, here is the deal, while you use hashtags to help you scale your account; they need to be used in the right way. When you decide to use those hashtags that are relevant to you, it will help you reach your target audience. 

Thus, here is the tip, always discover those hashtags that are relevant to your post. Therefore, when you are adding hashtags, it needs to be reflecting what it is about in your caption. If your hashtags and caption and the picture match, then you can go ahead with the hashtags. 


Hence, this is we busting some of the biggest Instagram myths and how believing these could hamper the growth of your account. Think about the broader picture and understand that Instagram’s algorithm you can develop a strategic content plan and market yourself.

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