A new prize named RS Portable Workbench has been available with the update this week. Read the details below to learn how to get and use this portable skilling station.

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How to obtain RS Portable Workbench?

Portable Workbench RS3 is a new reward added to Time to Train Treasure Hunter promotion with the update on August 10th 2020. During RS Time to Train promotion (running until August 18th), there is a chance to obtain this new portable skilling station as a prize from Treasure Hunter.

How to use the Portable Workbench RS3?

Portable Workbench acts as a workbench when deployed. If you create flatpacked items on the Portable Workbench, you will gain 10% more experience than at a workbench with an additional chance to save a plank.
Portable Workbench can be placed anywhere that a fire can be lit, and it can be used by other players. It will vanish after being placed for five minutes. However, you could add additional portables to the current one to extend their time, and each portable will extend the placed portable by 5 minutes (maximum of 60 minutes per portable station). In addition, skilling using this will offer strange rocks and golden rocks.
Note: You cannot get the Portable Workbench RS3 from a portable skilling pack.

Have you obtained RS Portable Workbench from Time to Train?

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