Don’t have enough materials for RS Dwarven artisan rod? Never mind. During Travelling Artisan event, you can also use Travelling Artisan Patches to obtain this fishing tool. Read the details below. 

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Obtain RS Dwarven artisan rod in Travelling Artisan 

Dwarven artisan rod is a Dwarven Artisan tool for fishing that can be obtained during the Travelling Artisan time-limited event. To get hold of it, you need to turn in these materials to Doran, including: 
– 1,000 Travelling Artisan Patches 
– 200 Willow logs 
– 1 Rope 
– 75 Bronze bar 
– 75 Steel bar 
When you craft this item, Doran will be able to receive 150 Doran XP to level up for more recipes. 

How to get RS Dwarven artisan rod via Travelling Artisan Patches? 

From the previous news we introduce that Travelling Artisan Patches are currency that can replace all materials required to turn in to Doran. If you don’t get hold of other materials of Dwarven artisan rod, you can give certain amount of Travelling Artisan Patches to Doran to gain this fishing tool: 
– 200 Willow logs: 800 Travelling Artisan Patches  
– 1 Rope: 50 Travelling Artisan Patches 
– 75 Bronze bar: 600 Travelling Artisan Patches 
– 75 Steel bar: 750 Travelling Artisan Patches

Come to get RS Dwarven artisan rod via Travelling Artisan Patches.

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