Get A Bunyip As Soon As Possible

I have been attempting to acquire a fire cape using 84 array and 76 def, first time I used guthans with RS gold full sara and super restore but I fell short in tide 55 once I ran from sara brews. I sold my guthans and bought, candies, verac, karils top and plan on going again HOWEVER: I wish to understand….the LEVEL 90 RANGERS kind of owned me once I DIDNT PRAY or later when they came with the 360s….so. . .what if I do? Should I pray against these? even at beggining?

While I reach jad about HOW MANY SARAS and SUPERS is good to have left? And while fighting jad is more important to look his feet or listen to sound? I have 70 prayer btw. Utilizing broads +diamonds for later in inventory. Since I havent been to jad I cant really answer questions about him quite effectivly, but I would imagine that you should look at his feet and listen to sound, its not really hard to do both at once;)

So far as the 90’s go, when they Runescape 2107 gold are alone (without a level 360 I mean) you ought to pray protect from range against them, but whenever there is a level 360 out, you should always be shielding from mage no matter what else there is, rangers or not. This becomes a problem in the 360-180-90-90 tide but if you brew up before then, you should do fine.


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