Here comes the chance to stock up on incomplete hydrixes and start experimenting! Until Aug. 30th, there is a chance to get 50% more RS Reaper points by completing assignments.

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Obtain RS Reaper points with 50% bonus

There is a bonus event for Reaper points after the release of RS Alchemical hydrix on August 18th 2020. Until August 31st, you can get a 50% bonus for 50% bonus obtained by completing assignments, which means you are able to gain 50% more Reaper points during this period.
Reaper points are currency that can be obtained after completing a Soul Reaper task. Completing special assignments will reward reaper points and Slayer experience.

Use Reaper points for RS Alchemical hydrix

Reaper points can be used to purchase rewards from Death’s Store, such as hydrix gems and aura refreshes. You can purchase one incomplete hydrix RS from the shop for 300 reaper points, which can be combined with a cut onyx to make an uncut hydrix. The uncut hydrix can be cut into RS hydrix at 79 Crafting.
You can combine one hydrix with the 50 Fortunate components, 50 Refined components, 10 Precious components and 2 Rumbling components to create RS alchemical hydrix, which can be used for new alchemical hydrix jewelry: Essence of finality, Alchemical hydrix brooch and Brooch of the Gods.

Seize the chance if you want more RS Reaper points!

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