step 1

To advertise your product/services, publish a review or words about it here.

step 2

link your post to your blog/site where your potential clients can order/request the service.

step 3

use the “Advertise” category, this will enable admin to add it to pinned post or and on other areas we advertise on the blog.

click to register and start advertising

If you want to advertise a product use the “items link

‘ category
this category helps you generate traffic to the item.
How to do it.
just post a picture of the item and link it to the sales point. Use the “item links” category
The rule
1- Do not add items related to porn.
2- If you want to re-post the same item,it is advised that you wait for at least one week before doing so.
3- Do not use affiliate link HTML , CSS or JAVASCRIPT, they can break the site,just use the picture of the item and link them.

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