As a Clairvoyant Energetic Healer,Urgent Money Miracle Review I think it’s really important to talk about ways to make sure you are dealing with a genuine clairvoyant and not a fraud. There are many people in this field that are genuinely gifted. There are also people who are not. In my practice I hear astonishing stories of people my clients have seen before me that have taken thousands of dollars from them, and kept them in fear instead of empowering them to become independent. I’ve heard of psychics claiming to be the next coming of Christ, to people who were told they are Ascended Masters and are too high up to be read by a psychic! I’ve heard of psychics that feed people’s Egos to keep them coming back for more; and of practitioners who seem to need everything from your birth name to Social Security Number to be able to read you! Here are a few tips that can help make sure you are dealing with a genuine and not a fake:

Find someone who has a Money Back Guarantee of some kind. This is most important because frauds will not be able to prove their gift and they wont back up their ability with a guarantee! They will rely on your gullibility or desperation and will only give you vague information that can’t be verified, like talking exclusively about your past lives, or telling you what your future holds. Without the ability to get your money back if you are stuck if they can’t give you information. Make sure that they have accurate information that can help you, or you are just throwing your money away on a chance that someone is what they claim. Why risk it? Find someone that guarantees that they can give you information you can verify about your life.

Find someone with many genuine testimonials from all over the world to insure that they are properly trained to connect and work with you in Spirit. Many psychics will claim to be experts, but they don’t have any genuine testimonials to back up their gift! A truly gifted person will have a lot of testimonials from very happy clients who were able to verify this person was genuine. Don’t take a chance on someone that can’t substantiate their gift just because of the hype of their website!

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