A company can create smart bots with Automation Anywhere tool in various fields of business to accomplish diverse tasks. In the field of automation, coding skills are not needed. Unfortunately, there are several features in the Automation Anywhere method. Train to be an automation specialist everywhere. Automation anywhere training in Chennai will teach you more about this technology in detail.

Automation Anywhere features

Editor of tasks

The Drag & Drop Options will build tasks for a user. The user can attach, alter, interrupt, and enhance reported tasks with support for Task Editor. This involves more than 200 acts. They are the following:

1. Action on the Internet

2. Acts in the database

3. Acts for Windows

4. Acts of the clipboard

5. Conditional interventions

6. Acts of Keyboard and Mouse

Designer report

During the implementation, a user can produce and print the report. It also helps in producing customized reports. Visual logs, job histories, process schedules, ROI files, and the Task Run are the capabilities of the Automation Anywhere training tool.

Analysis of processes

The central room of the version11 is expected with bot assistance. It provides practicable insights such as bots with the greatest investment yield.

The architecture of the cloud

Enabled and installed for cloud platforms on-site including AWS and Microsoft Azure automation anywhere business RPA. The scalability and versatility of Cloud Architecture. It also follows the organization’s requirements.


Recorders assist in capturing, storing, and running research acts. Bot without coding is the easiest way to create a bot. The three forms of recording options for automation everywhere are:

Web recorders – This allows web-based activities to be registered without a program.

Smart Recorder – Records all movements and gives more recording versatility. It contains numerous technologies such as HTML and Java.

Screen Recorder – Records all events such as mouse clicks and mouse transfers.

Extracting web info

Structured and unstructured data are extracted here. Furthermore, any move is correctly saved and automated. Get your work done in the field of automation anywhere course in Chennai. The expert solution is useful to everyone. Read here the spectrum for ethical hacking in FITA with the help of professional trainers.

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