RS3 Halloween event 2020 has come with new tasks and rewards! You will get new spooky cosmetics by using spooky tokens collected during this event.

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How to join in RS3 Halloween event 2020?

RS3 Halloween event 2020 runs from October 26th to November 8th. During this event, there are four different Halloween miniquests placed around the Halloween hub at Draynor Manor. The four miniquests are from Death, Famine, Pestilence and Death’s dogwalker. Completing these miniquests will award RS spooky tokens, a companion pet Muncher and others.

Gain spooky tokens in RS3 Halloween 2020

Spooky tokens can be earned by doing various event tasks during the Halloween event this year. For example:
Picking potatoes for Famine
Handing in ingredients to the cauldron
Helping Fragmented souls
Digging with Muncher’s spade
The Spooky tokens you earned can be used in the Death’s Spooky Reward Shop. Here are some of the rewards from the shop:
Death’s ceremonial scythe 4,000 spooky tokens
War’s Greataxe 500 spooky tokens
Staff of Famine 500 spooky tokens
Pestilence’s Bow 500 spooky tokens
Lucien’s staff 500 spooky tokens
Ring of War 500 spooky tokens
Ring of the Dead 500 spooky tokens
Ring of Famine 500 spooky tokens
Ring of Pestilence 500 spooky tokens

Have you participated in RS3 Halloween event 2020?

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