RS Travelling Artisan event has been active now until Sept. 13th. During this event, use RS Travelling Artisan patches and other materials for some new cosmetics and more rewards.

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When & how to join in RS Travelling Artisan?

Travelling Artisan RS3 is a time-limited event running from August 24th to September 13th, 2020. During this event, you are able to earn Travelling Artisan Patches by doing any skilling or combat action. RS Travelling Artisan patches can be turned in to Doran the tool artisan for rewards. You could learn all sources to collect RS Travelling Artisan Patches if you have interests.
To get started, talk to Doran outside the Dwarven Mine Entrance. He will walk you through the basics of choosing a recipe and collecting materials.

Craft with RS Travelling Artisan patches & others

You can craft various items by providing the materials to Doran. The ingredients include Travelling Artisan Patches and some other materials. You can use RS Travelling Artisan patches to skip all the materials.
Here are the details of rewards in the Travelling Artisan RS3 event:
-Tool overrides
Dwarven artisan rod
Master crafter hammer
Dwarven artisan knife
Dwarven artisan pickaxe
Banana knife
-Wardrobe overrides
Master crafter goggles
Master crafter chestpiece
Master crafter trousers
Master crafter boots
Master crafter gloves
Master crafter hammer
Master crafter saw
Master crafter screwdriver
Master crafter hatchet
-Consumable buffs
Fletching size enhancer
Upgraded fletching size enhancer
Fletching resource enhancer
Smithing luminite enhancer
Smithing respect enhancer
Woodcutting perk enhancer
Woodcutting item xp enhancer
Fish flinging enhancer
Fishing perk enhancer
Fishing item xp enhancer
Mining geode enhancer
Mining critical enhancer
Event mystery box
Big event mystery box
Prismatic small fallen star
Prismatic medium fallen star
Prismatic large fallen star
Dwarven fish extractor
Dwarven ramhammer
Dwarven chainaxe

Have you participated in RS Travelling Artisan event?

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