RS coconut shy is available for all players now, and you can participate in at the Lumbridge Crater Summer Beach Party to gain Ranged experience and the title reward.   

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How to join in RS coconut shy during Beach event 2020? 

Coconut shy activity is located in the south-eastern corner on the beach. It’s run by Sarah and requires you to throw ball, cabbage or chinchompa to knock off coconuts. 
To start this activity, you should select the “play” option on the stall first, and then you can choose one of the items you want to throw. Alternatively, you can right-click the stall to start throwing any of the items quickly. When the item is selected, you can try to knock off the coconuts for up to 10 times per interaction and each throw takes 3 seconds.  

Get Ranged experience & more from RS coconut shy 

Coconut shy is a good choice to gain Ranged experience during RS Beach event 2020, and the experience you get depends on the type of the item thrown and your Ranged level. For example, if you are at level 99 Ranged, you can be able to get 198 Ranged experience by throwing a ball successfully, 330 Ranged experience by throwing a cabbage successfully and 141.4 Ranged experience by throwing a chinchompa successfully. 
What’s more, if you knock down 5 coconuts in a row, you will be able to unlock the title [Name] the Beachbum. 

Come to take part in RS coconut shy activity for Ranged experience until Aug. 10.

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