If you have participated in OSRS Twisted League, there will be some League to League Rewards when Leagues 2 Trailblazer begins. Read the information for some details.

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OSRS Leagues 2 coming in the future

It has been revealed that OSRS Leagues 2: Trailblazer will be released in the future. The new league is likely to be two months in length. Players will start locked to Misthalin.
Players need to complete various tasks to unlock more areas and Relics, and they will gain League Points for some rewards.

Rewards for OSRS Twisted League players

If you have participated in OSRS Twisted League, you will obtain the following League to League Rewards when Trailblazer begins:
1. League-to-League Pets
Any insured pets obtained from the previous League will carry over to the next. If you lose them, you can reclaim from the League Tutor.
2. League Right Click Icons
The icons will be a unique symbol representing the tier you placed in the previous League.
3. League Rank Worlds
4. League Armour Sets
This reward will be based on how you placed in OSRS Twisted League. It will be a basic set of starter armour and a weapon with varying stats that can be used in the next.

Enjoy these rewards when OSRS Trailblazer begins if you are Twisted League players!

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