Druidic Ritual OSRS is a novice quest as the introduction to the Herblore skill. Here is a Druidic Ritual guide to help you complete this quest fast.

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Requirements of Druidic Ritual OSRS

The novice quest Druidic Ritual has no skill or quest requirements. The following items are required:
Raw bear meat
Raw rat meat
Raw beef
Raw chicken

OSRS Druidic Ritual quest walkthrough

1. To start this quest, talk to Kaqemeex in the stone circle north of Taverley.
2. Head south down the road and find Sanfew in the big octagonal Herblore shop. Talk to Sanfew.
3. Get the raw rat meat, raw bear meat, raw beef and raw chicken. If you don’t want to hunt these animals, you could buy the meat directly at the Grand Exchange, or purchase them from Rufus’ Meat Emporium if you have the route to Canifis unlocked.
4. After obtaining all the meat, head to Taverley Dungeon and bring the meat to the Cauldron. Use them on the Cauldron.
5. Leave the dungeon the same way you entered and talk to Sanfew.
6. Speak to Kaqemeex. Quest complete!

Rewards from Druidic Ritual OSRS

You will gain the following rewards after completing this quest:
4 Quest points
250 Herblore experience
The ability to use the Herblore skill. You could begin Herblore training OSRS after completing this quest.

Hope our guide can help you complete the Druidic Ritual OSRS quest.

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